Modifying a pre-created dashboard

You can modify a pre-created dashboard to focus it on a specific website area or business unit. Add or remove tabs to meet compliance targets, or modify the configuration of a dashboard tab as necessary.


  1. Copy the dashboard to another location. This will aggregate data for all folders below the new location.
  2. In the Folder Explorer view, select the dashboard and click Edit.
  3. Go to the Tabs page for the dashboard and click the Create icon (Create).
  4. On the Create Tab page, give the tab a meaningful Name and Description (optional).
  5. Select Detailed summary by Report Pack and click Create.
  6. On the Reports page, select the Pages report and the relevant Compliance module reports, and click Save.
  7. Rerun the dashboard to update its contents.


  1. If the report packs included in the dashboard do not contain the reports required by the dashboard tab, no data about those reports will be displayed. If your dashboard does not contain the information you expect, verify the reports selected in your report pack, add the missing ones, and rerun the report packs and dashboard.
  2. Because the Top Security Issues and Breakdown by Security Risk charts take their data from the Security Issues report and the Security Risk Assessment report, their content will not be updated when you add Compliance tabs.