"All Other Users" user property

The "All Other Users" property is designed to automate the process of assigning access permissions to folders, report packs and dashboards.

The permissions you assign to "All Other Users" applies to everyone who is a valid user, and to anyone who is not currently assigned to the item. Those currently assigned to an item are not considered "All Other Users".

"All Other Users" on a folder

Every folder has an "All Other Users" type, which must be assigned a role in the folder. When assigning a role to "All Other Users", it is best to assign a role with sufficient privileges, such as Report Consumer. Other valid users will assume the role of "All Other Users" in a given folder when they log in. With a Report Consumer role, all users who log in will at least be able to see report packs and dashboards. You can assign every user a different role in every folder, but that will require more maintenance.

The All Other Users type for a folder inherits its User Type from the Default User. If the Product Administrator sets the Default User to a Standard User, then the "All Other Users" type can assume any user role, such as Job Administrator or Issue Manager. If the Default User is set to a Product Administrator, then "All Other Users" will assume the Product Administrator role in every folder created. In this case, the person creating folders cannot change the "All Other Users" role unless that person was also a Product Administrator.

Example: Folder scenario

In this scenario, you have a Corporate Summary folder that all users are allowed to see. The folder has a job that scans your corporate site and a Job Administrator role is assigned to the person responsible for that job. No one else can see the job in the folder or tamper with it, as long as there are no other Job Administrators in the folder. The folder has a single Report Administrator who is responsible for compiling the Corporate report pack and the Corporate dashboard, both of which must be updated on a weekly basis for Report Consumers. The Report Consumers are the majority of users for the folder. They are the people who will be evaluating the website and making the necessary changes to it based on the information in the report pack and the dashboard. Given this scenario, the All Other Users type for the folder will have a Report Consumer role. Anyone with a valid user account can see the folder and its Corporate report pack and dashboard.

"All Other Users" on report packs and dashboards

Each report pack and dashboard has an "All Other Users" type to automate access privileges. The "All Other Users" type for an item is completely independent of the "All Other Users" role for a folder. For example, you have a folder with two report packs and a user who is a Report Administrator. That user can create sub-folders, report packs and dashboards. But if one report pack in the folder contains data that you do not want that particular user to see, you can deny the Report Administrator access to that report pack. The Report Administrator role the user has in the folder is overridden by the access permission of that one report pack.

The person responsible for the item is the person who can change the "All Other Users" type for the item. In the Example: Folder scenario, the Report Administrator can change the access permission of the Corporate report pack and Corporate dashboard. The Job Administrator for the Corporate folder can be denied access to the report pack and the dashboard, if necessary.