Creating items in a folder

The items you can create in a folder, such as jobs, report packs and dashboards, depend on your role in the folder.

Before you begin

  • You cannot manually create several items in a folder at the same time. When you create a job, however, you can choose to automatically create a report pack.
  • Different types of items in a folder can have the same name; for example, a report pack and a job can both have the same name, but two jobs cannot.


  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to create the item and click Create.
  2. On the Create Folder Item page, select the type of item you want to create.
    Note: You cannot change the item type after you have created it. Your role in the folder dictates what items you can create, and you will only see the item types that you can create.
  3. Enter a Name and optionally, a Description for the item.
  4. If this folder item is a content scan job or an import job, you can associate it with an Application from the list. Associated jobs appear in the application's Scans view in the Applications tab.
  5. Report packs are automatically created when you create a job, with a set of default reports based on the properties of the job. If you do not want to have a report pack automatically created when the job is created, clear the Automatic Report Pack Creation check box.
  6. Choose a Method of Creation.
    1. Use default properties to create the item with the built-in settings.
    2. Use a AppScan® Standard Scan Template file if you want to use the same explore and test phase configurations from AppScan Standard.
    3. Use the settings file if you have exported a similar item and you want to use it as the basis for the new item. The settings file is created by exporting the properties of an item.
    4. Use the template option if you want to use the template job options for a content scan or import job. The new item will be based on the job options contained in the template.
  7. To create the item in the current folder, click Create.