Moving or copying item configurations from one folder to another

Configurations for jobs, report packs, and dashboards can be moved or copied from one folder to another.

Before you begin

Note: You must understand the following information about folders:
  • You must have an equivalent user role in both folders. For example, if you are a Report Administrator in folder A and you want to move your report packs to folder B, you must also be a Report Administrator in folder B.
  • If you want to move/copy items that are in different folders, flatten the Folder List so that you can select them all at the same time.
  • Copies of folder items will contain properties of the original items but not the associated data.


  1. Go to the Folder Content Summary and select one or more items to move/copy.
  2. Click Move/Copy.
  3. On the Move/Copy Folder Items page, select the new folder for the items from the Destination Folder list.
  4. Click Move Item Configurations or Copy Item Configurations > Done.
  5. Select the item(s) you have just moved or copied and rerun them to update the data.