Assigning security test policies and server groups to users

After you have created your server groups (what you want to test) and your security test policies (what tests you want to perform), you must assign them to users. Users can only run security tests on the server groups that you assign to them. If they do not have any test policies assigned to them, they cannot perform security scans.

About this task

Each user can be assigned certain security test policies and server groups. However, if you want all new users to automatically have the same test policies and server groups, assign them to the Default User instead.

To assign security test policies and server groups to users:

  1. Go to the Administration view.
  2. On the Users and Groups page, select a user from the list of existing users or select the Default User, and click Edit.
  3. In the Security Scan Permissions section of the Edit User page, select a test policy and a corresponding server group, and click Add.
  4. Add additional combinations of test policies and server groups to the Currently Assigned Security Test Policies and Server Groups list, and click Save.