Importing an advanced security test policy from AppScan® Standard

Use Advanced security test policies to test down to the variant level of a vulnerability, giving you complete control over the test sent during a scan. You can import advanced security test policies from AppScan® Standard Edition 7.5 (or higher) and assign them to server groups.

About this task

These test policies are exported from AppScan® 7.5 (or higher) and are read-only. Any required modifications to the test policy must be performed in AppScan® and re-imported.


  1. Go the Administration view.
  2. On the Security Test Policies page, click Import Advanced Security Test Policy.
  3. On the Import Advanced Security Test Policy page, give the policy a name.
  4. Enter the location of the .policy file and click Import.
    Note: If you do not know the location of the .policy file, click Browse to locate it on your file system and then click Import. The Edit Advanced Test Policy page opens where you can view a read-only version of the tests the test policy contains.
  5. On the Edit Advanced Security Test Policy page, edit the name and description of the test policy as required and click Save.
  6. Verify that you have imported the correct test policy by checking its details.

What to do next

Assign the security test policy to one or more users.