Enabling and disabling IP addresses to scan

If you want to enable or disable your address ranges (which will affect the entire installation), you can do so. You might disable a range of addresses if you had servers that were in the process of being backed up. In this case, you can prevent anyone from running security tests on the servers by disabling the IP address range of the servers. Another method of restricting IP address testing is at the user level through the application of server groups.

About this task

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To configure AppScan Enterprise to scan specific unresolvable domains, add an open IP range ( - on the Module License page. On the Server Groups page, add the name of the specific domain or domain pattern to a server group, and add users to that server group so that they can send security tests to that domain. This gives you more flexibility when you assign user permissions for scanning.

Note: Your IP address changes will also affect AppScan® if it uses AppScan® Enterprise Server as its permissions server.


  1. Go to the Administration view and navigate to the Module Licenses page.
  2. In the Security IP Ranges section, select the ranges you want to enable or clear the ranges you want to disable.