Creating a server group

A server group is a group of items that can be tested as a unit; the same security tests will be applied to all the servers in the group. A server group can be any combination of domains and IP addresses.

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Server groups do not include URLs anymore.

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You must create one or more server groups to define what can be tested. After a server group is created, you then assign it to a Job Administrator. That person then creates jobs that perform security tests on a specific group of servers.

For any given server you can enter its domain or IP address, but you do not need to enter all. Assume you want to scan all the servers within your building in Houston together. Because you know their IP addresses include through, you only need to enter the IP address range; you do not need to enter each specific domain.
Note: If you added an open IP range ( - in the Module Licenses page so that AppScan Enterprise can scan unresolvable domains, make sure that the domain name is included in a server group. Add users to that specific server group so that they can send security tests to that domain. This gives you more flexibility when you assign user permissions for scanning.

The Default User can be assigned server groups and test policies to facilitate setting up users. If you know that all your users will be testing a particular set of servers, you can create a group with those servers and assign it to the Default User. All newly created users will be automatically given permission to test that server.


  1. Go to the Administration view.
  2. On the Server Groups page, click Create.
  3. On the Create Server Group page, enter a name for the server group and click Create.
  4. On the Edit Server Group page, enter the domains or IP addresses of the servers that are included in this server group and click Save.
  5. Next you will create a security test policy and assign the server group and security test policy to users.