Known Issues

The following are the Known Issues in the 12.1.1 version of Unica Discover:

Table 1. Known Issues in 12.1.1
Issue ID Description
HMA-326458 On the Docker setup, many configurations are missing in the Transport service for HBR node and Processing server node.
HMA-325839 On the Docker setup, user needs to click Start twice to begin capture on the DNCA web console.
HMA-325721 Uninstallation of Discover, or Session Archiving and Data Export products, has some issues. Please contact Discover Support for more details and support.
HMA-325512 When you Start Discover Services and select Verify the Services, you will see that Discover Archive Session Indexer service does not start.
HMA-325210 During upgrade, the installer deletes the existing Overstat folder which deletes the thumbnails created before the upgrade. This results in thumbnails not being visible from Usability.
HMA-325054 Some URLs listed on the Help page are not working.
HMA-324883 When executing Event data import, using the command line interface, all events are uploaded successfully and loaded on the UI, despite the system throwing an error message. The concerned commands are as follows:
  • Importing event definitions for an Event XML

    DCEventManager.exe -importxml eventdefs.xml

  • Importing event definitions from an Event TLE

    DCEventManager.exe -importtle <events.tle>

HMA-324294 Upgrade installer is unable to detect current version for servers where Replay and HBR are installed.
HMA-323783 For non-English locales, all options are not visible under Manage Events.

Workaround: Collapse the left pane to view all the buttons.

HMA-323214 The property Login Page Language (Global) is not working for Scorecard users. If you set the property Login Page Language (Global) to a locale, only the login screen should be translated to the set locale. Currently, after login, all UI screens are translated to the set locale.
HMA-323137 View Log and Extended Log does not work for a few completed jobs, whose sessions have been processed.
HMA-322607 On DNCA, the memcached process does not stop even if you execute the command ./discover stop all.

Workaround: Manually kill the process and start it again using ./discover commands.

HMA-322378 If you assign the following pages as a Start Page, they do not appear as a start page. Instead, the Active Status page appears as the start page:
  • Active Sessions
  • Session Search Active
  • Session Search All
  • Active Events
  • Manage Session Segments
HMA-321667 In the HBR machine, if you change the routing method to Biased, it still appears as Equal in System Status inside HBR report.
HMA-321271 The Data Export feature and the Session Archiving feature is only accessible on the On-premises setup and not accessible on the Docker setup.
HMA-321200 After upgrade, the version of Unica Discover still shows 12.1 in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel.
HMA-320754 On the Docker setup, user cannot upload a file that exceeds 500 KB in size.
HMA-316596 Sometimes, context menu appears for tasks in Session Archiving and Data Export without selecting a task.