Closed Issues

The following are the Closed Issues in the 12.1.1 version of Unica Discover:

Table 1. Closed Issues in 12.1.1
Issue ID Description
HMA-324318 User could not save specific events which contained some special characters.
HMA-324276 PrivacyTester.exe, in the installation folder, did not work.
HMA-323975 Event tester was not running the tests correctly for the previously used sessions if the user navigated to another page.
HMA-323377 Session List Templates were not getting updated if new fields were added or removed from it.
HMA-323374 Columns in session list template, used for displaying Session attribute values, are all blank when searching for completed sessions.
HMA-323232 Could not restore backed up files using the "Backup & Restore" functionality in "Portal Management".
HMA-323118 Could not resize the columns on "Page View" list in "Replay".
HMA-323115 In "Replay", when user expands a page to view the UI events, the down arrow, used for collapsing the page, was missing.
HMA-323024 User could not replay a session if the "Default Replay Mode" were set to Browser.
HMA-322693 An error appeared if a user stopped the DMS service from the Portal.
HMA-322638 Changing "System Locale" in the "Portal" to a value other than the default value (English - United States) resulted in a blank Search Page.
HMA-322605 Pressing ENTER to submit Session Search pages resulted in a blank page.
HMA-322602 Event Tester results were inconsistent with the expected results.
HMA-322592 Although Data Export menu existed, its menu items were not visible.
HMA-321890 The Snapshot page was distorted.
HMA-321863 Active, Completed, or All Sessions page did not open if "System Locale" was set to any value other than the default value (English - United States).
HMA-321751 For DNCA, peer details were not getting updated correctly.
HMA-321730 For the Scheduling option, user could not enter a value in the timer box to set the time.
HMA-321600 In DMS, user could not save the task using Assign Configuration in the Jobs tab.
HMA-321485 There was an intermittent log out issue in the Docker environment.
HMA-321242 Some garbage characters existed in the Activity Report: Traffic (MB) report within "Report Builder".
HMA-321206 For Manage Events, sometimes Alerts were not getting saved.
HMA-321205 "Upload backup" function, in "Backup and Restore", was not working.
HMA-321029 UI enhancements made to the Report Option popup.
HMA-320816 Background images were not displayed properly for a replayed session.
HMA-320728 On a Docker setup, System Statistics for Report, was not working.
HMA-320727 On a Docker setup, despite containing data, the system was displaying the error There was no data matching the given parameters for Data Collector Stats and Fact Collection Rate reports.
HMA-320724 On a Docker setup, there was an error in retrieving data for Data Collector Stats and Fact Collection Rate in "System Status".
HMA-320711 NT user could log in to Discover using an invalid FNO Device ID.
HMA-319744 Under Portal Management, Scorecard User Administration and Scorecard Settings were not available earlier.
HMA-318948 For replayed sessions, the columns were not getting resized causing the values to hide if they exceeded the column size.
HMA-317904 For Report Builder, the Sort function was not working properly.
HMA-316782 In Data Export, jobs with Run Daily schedule and Hourly schedule had some issues.
HMA-316594 An error used to appear, in the timer box, if you used the keyboard to enter time, and used the Tab key to move to the Save button.