Display a graphical preproduction plan

How to view a graphical representation of a preproduction plan from the Dynamic Workload Console.

About this task

The preproduction plan is used to identify in advance the job stream instances and the job stream dependencies involved in a specified time period.

This improves performance when generating the production plan by preparing in advance a high-level schedule of the predicted production workload.

The preproduction plan contains:
  • The job stream instances to be run during the time interval covered by the plan.
  • The external dependencies that exist between the job streams and jobs included in different job streams.

From the Dynamic Workload Console you can view the preproduction plan graphically. You can open the preproduction plan in view mode only; you cannot extend it from this panel.

All users are allowed to view the preproduction plan. However, the preproduction plan content depends on the permissions you have on job streams. You can see only the job streams that you are allowed to see.

To open the preproduction plan view, perform the following procedure:


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Planning > View Preproduction Plan.
  2. In the displayed panel, select the distributed engine whose preproduction plan you want to view.
  3. Optionally, specify a filter to reduce the number of job streams shown in the view. Only the job streams matching the string you entered as a filter are displayed in the preproduction plan view. By default, all job streams are shown. You can change your filtering criteria directly from the preproduction plan graphical view panel.
  4. Specify the start and end dates to view only a portion of your preproduction plan. If you do not specify any date, the whole plan is shown. Optionally, you can organize the view by grouping the job streams by scheduled date.


The graphical view of the preproduction plan is displayed. In this view, you can view the job streams included in the plan together with their job stream dependencies. Each box represents a job stream, whose color indicates the status. By default, it shows a maximum number of 1,000 job streams.

If you want to change this setting, modify the property preProdPlanViewMaxJobstreams in the Override graphical view limits file.

There are several actions you can perform on the objects displayed in the Preproduction Plan View:
  • Right-click a job stream, to open the job stream definition within Workload Designer. You can modify a job stream from the Workload Designer and then reload the updated preproduction plan view.
  • Use the actions available from the toolbar:
    • Zoom in and zoom out to better view segments of the plan.
    • Print the plan or export it to either .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) or .png (Portable Network Graphics) format.
    • Highlight the dependencies in the view.
    • Modify the original filter criteria that was set to change the objects displayed.