Terminal output

The output to your computer is determined by the shell variables defined in the tws_env script, which you run before running command line commands. If any of the following variables is not set, the standard shell variables, LINES and COLUMNS, are used. The variables can be set as follows:
Specifies the number of lines per screen. The default is -1. At the end of each screen page, conman does not pause at the end of a page. If MAESTROLINES (or LINES) is set to a positive number, conman prompts to continue.

Use of MAESTROLINES is recommended since the LINES variable is a shell operating system variable and in most operating systems it is automatically reset by the operating system itself.

Specifies the number of characters per line. The following options are available:
  • Less than 120
  • Equal to or more than 120
Specifies how object names are displayed. If set to LONG, full names are displayed. If set to any value other than LONG, long names are truncated to eight characters followed by a plus sign (+).