Administrative tasks

Administrative tasks required to work with the Self-Service Dashboards app.

Administrative tasks are those activities required to enable users to create and work with Self-Service Dashboards. Access to the Self-Service Dashboards app is based on roles. Administrators create dashboards for mobile users and associate roles to the dashboards. Users can create, view, and work with the dashboards based on the role assigned to them.

In addition to assigning roles to users, administrators might also choose to implement a high availability configuration. A high availability configuration enables multiple instances to work at the same time without affecting performance. See Configuring High Availability for more information.

Administrators can also configure the Dynamic Workload Console to use single-sign on. This configuration implies that a user can log in once on the Dynamic Workload Console and then gain access to the Self-Service Dashboards app without being prompted to log in again.

To access audit logging information about the operations performed from the Self-Service Dashboards application, Administrators can configure logging information in the Dynamic Workload Console global settings file.

See Section 11 of this file for more information about enabling audit logs Auditing mobile app activity.