Satisfying Requests for Enhancements (RFEs)

HCL Workload Automation satisfies Requests for Enhancements (RFEs).

Requests for Enhancements (RFEs) give customers the opportunity to collaborate directly with the product development team and other users. The team prioritizes and develops new product features based on proposals made by customers.

HCL Workload Automation V9.4 delivers numerous RFEs. The following are a sample of a few of them:

  • RFE 56898: Two significant changes have been implemented in the variable tables. The first addresses character lengths for variable names and variable values. The lengths have been extended to 64 and 1024 characters respectively. The second change addresses the possibility to use a variable in place of a static file name when defining file dependencies for dynamic agents. The variable is defined in the variable table of the workstation on which the file exists, and is resolved at later time rendering the file name dynamic and more flexible for use in your plans.
  • RFE 73944: Job log enriched with information about the start time and end time of job on a dynamic agent that ends in FAIL.
  • RFE 109970: Job log enriched with information about user id of the user experiencing the job failure.
  • RFE 162189: Job log for dynamic agents now shows timestamp with the same format as for FTAs.
  • RFE 81886: changePassword command now provides a new parameter -skipdbuser to skip the update of the db user password.
  • RFE 162160: Dynamic Workload Console V9.3 can now be installed on AIX V7.2 .
  • RFE 133854: HCL Workload Automation identifies the best time window for agent upgrades. This RFE is addressed through the new features of Agent upgrade with minimal scheduling disruption.
  • RFE 125642, RFE 79392: HCL Workload Automation provides more flexibility when displaying jobs and job streams in the Workload Designer graphical view.
  • RFE 79391: The Workload Designer graphical view has been enriched with the capability to search for jobs and job streams.
  • RFE 76136: The timestamp in the auditing information stored in the database now shows seconds and hundreds of seconds.
  • RFE 79395: Users can now input a note for jobs and job streams that are modified in the plan.
  • RFE 108197: HCL Workload Automation provides change version control for scheduling object definitions.
  • RFE 126406: Dynamic Workload Console shows a message for every important action against the current plan.
  • RFE 141427: A recycle bin is now available in the Workload Designer.
  • RFE 156327: The Workload Application Template now includes also the event rules for the workstations and the job streams contained in the template.
  • RFE 156524: A capability has been added to control resources assigned to a job in progress when the resources are no longer required by the job.

To view a complete list of RFEs, new, planned, and delivered, see: RFE online community .