HCL Workload Automation Plug-in for Cloudant

With the new HCL Workload Automation plug-in for Cloudant, you can schedule, monitor and control the execution of actions on IBM Cloudant NoSQL database, on its documents, or attachments.

With the HCL Workload Automation plug-in for IBM Cloudant NoSQL database, you can schedule, monitor, and control the following actions:
  • Create, read, and delete a Cloudant database
  • Start and monitor a Cloudant database replication
  • Create, read, update, and delete Cloudant database documents
  • Create, read, update, and delete Cloudant database attachments
You can gain many benefits from this integration. See the following examples:
  • You can schedule and monitor a database replication on a time or event basis. You can even set a conditional dependency for the database replication, based on the value of variables passed from one job to another, such as the size of the database.
  • You can monitor and control Cloudant operations from the Dynamic Workload Console or from Application Lab, from which you can also restart in case of failure.
  • Daily logs generated by your Cloudant application can be automatically uploaded to your Cloudant database as documents or document attachments.
  • You can balance your Cloudant workload and integrate it with the rest of your process flow.

The plug-in is available for HCL Workload Automation on Premises, on Cloud (Saas), and on the Bluemix platform.

For more information, see IBM Cloudant jobs.