Auditing release management

Auditing your release management process ensures your changes are delivered consistent every time and with the same level of quality.

Automate and schedule the development, test, and promotion into production of an application or business process with the option to rollback to a previous version should something go wrong. When pushing any change into production, it usually goes through various cycles of development, testing, and fixing. It also passes through various environments to do this, and not all environments are identical. This is where versioning is key. Keeping track of different versions in the test and production environment is critical in avoiding conflicts. You need a release management process that is simple and that can push changes into production in a consistent and reliable manner.

With HCL Workload Automation, changes can be promoted from one environment to another by creating and exporting a workload application template. A workload application template is a compressed file containing one or more job streams and all the related jobs contained in them, including dependencies, files, resources, calendars, run cycle groups, and prompts. With this easy method for replicating job flows across environments, automating and scheduling the development, test, and promotion into production is simple and easy.

For more information, see Keeping track of changes to scheduling objects

For more information on working with workload application templates, see Workload application definition.

More information and a detailed business scenario is explained in this video: Streamline your release management process.