Error in testing a connection or running reports on an engine returned from Fix Pack 1 to GA level when using an MSSQL or Informix database

If you install General Availability (GA) version 9.5 and a fix pack on a master domain manager using an MSSQL and Informix database and then return the workstation to GA version 9.5, you might experience problems when testing the engine connection and running reports.

When you try to test the engine connection or run a report, the operation fails and the following messages are displayed in the Dynamic Workload Console:
  • AWSUI0803W Test connection to engine_name: engine successful, database failed.
  • AWSUI0360E The JDBC URL is not configured on the selected engine, so the reporting capabilities cannot be used. Contact the IBM Workload Scheduler administrator.

Cause and solution:

The reporting feature for the MSSQL and Informix databases is released with version 9.5, Fix Pack 1. If you return the master domain manager to the GA version, you can no longer use the reporting feature for the MSSQL and Informix databases. To continue working with the Dynamic Workload Console, disable the database configuration for the reporting feature by performing the following steps:
  1. Log in to the Dynamic Workload Console and select Administration > Manage Engines.
  2. Click on the engine you returned to the GA version.
  3. In the Database Configuration for Reporting section, disable the Enable Reporting check box.