Liberty server does not start when applying a fix pack to the backup master domain manager

A failure occurs when applying version 9.5, Fix Pack 4, or later, to a previous fix pack.

If the upgrade process fails starting the Liberty application server, with a message similar to the following:
WAINST200I Configuring WLP.

    WAINST015E The following command failed:

    C:\WA\BKM95\appservertools\startAppServer.bat -directclean

    WAINST035I For more details see the installation log file: C:\WA\BKM95\logs\serverinst_9.5.0.04.log.

Cause and solution:

It might occur that the previous WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base process, named javaw, is still up and running and is already using the application ports.

To solve the problem, proceed as follows:
  1. Check if there is a javaw process running which is related to the previous version 9.5 fix pack x instance, using the Java version installed in the JavaExt9.5.0._OLD_FP path, for example JavaExt9.5.0.02\jre\jre\bin\javaw.exe.
  2. If you find the javaw process, stop it and restart the upgrade process.