Customizing your RDBMS server

About this task

You can perform several operations to customize your database, such as:
If you want to upgrade your database version, change the instance owner, or relocate it to a different host, complete the following steps:
  1. If you are changing DB2®, check the node directory and database directory and make a note of the current configuration. To do this, issue the following commands at the DB2® command-line:
    db2 list database directory
    where the show detail attribute is specified to give the full information in the directory.

    Make a note of the displayed details.

  2. Stop the application server, using the command
    conman stopappserver ;wait
  3. Make the upgrade, instance owner change, or relocation, of the database following the instructions from your database supplier.
  4. If you have changed the database access credentials, you will need to update the application server's security properties, as described in Changing the security settings.
  5. Reconfigure the database for HCL Workload Automation, as follows:
    1. Check the node directory and database directory, as you did in step 1
    2. If necessary, modify the data displayed by these commands to match the data you noted in step 1. If you are not certain of how to do this, contact HCL Software Support for assistance.
    Check the Oracle Listener and make sure that the service name is correctly specified.
  6. Restart the database.
  7. Restart the application server, using the command:
    conman startappserver ;wait