Changing the properties for the database

About this task

When you installed HCL Workload Automation, you supplied the database name, the server name, port, the host name of the database server, and other information.

If you need to change any of the database properties such as host name, port, instance owner, or database name, use the datasource_<db_vendor>.xml template file to reflect these changes in the application server on the master domain manager or on the Dynamic Workload Console.

If you want to change any of these properties, perform the following steps:
  1. Change the configuration of the HCL Workload Automation application server so that it points correctly to the changed database configuration, as follows:
    1. Browse to the following path:
      Dynamic Workload Console
      master domain manager
      Dynamic Workload Console
      master domain manager
    2. Copy the datasource_<db_vendor>.xml file to a temporary location.
    3. Modify the following properties in the file based on the values you changed in your database configuration:
      The name or IP address of the database server
      The port number of the database server
      The database name
      The database instance owner
      The database user password. You can optionally encrypt the password, as described in Optional password encryption - secure script.
      The path to the JDBC drivers. IBM Workload Scheduler is supplied using the JDBC driver type 4 for DB2® and type 2 for Oracle. However, each can use the other driver type, if necessary. IBM Workload Scheduler Software Support might ask you to change to this driver. This procedure must only be performed under the control of IBM Workload Scheduler Software Support.
      The setting for the SSL connection. true indicates that SSL connection is enabled, false indicates that SSL connection is disabled. .
    4. Browse to the following path:
      Dynamic Workload Console
      master domain manager
      Dynamic Workload Console
      master domain manager
    5. Create a backup of the datasource_<db_vendor>.xml.
    6. Replace the datasource_<db_vendor>.xml file with the file you edited. The changes are effective immediately.
  2. On the master domain manager only, edit the file, in the path TWA_DATA_DIR//broker/config, by updating the value for the property to reflect the JDBC URL specified. The following is an example of a JDBC value:
  3. On the master domain manager only , edit the file, in the path TWA_DATA_DIR//broker/config, as follows:
    • In the first line specify the rdbmsName for all DBs.
    • For Oracle only, change all lines and specify the TWS_Oracle_User.
  4. On the master domain manager only, edit the file, in the path TWA_DATA_DIR/usr/servers/engineServer/resources/properties/ If you are using Oracle, Informix, and MSSQL change the first line. For Oracle only, change all lines. Consider the following example: = ORACLE = <TWS_Oracle_User> = <TWS_Oracle_User> = <TWS_Oracle_User>