Managed file transfer

The File Transfer integration, already available on Automation Hub, now provides full capabilities for managing and processing all your file transfers using HCL Workload Automation with no need for third-party products. The main enhancements are as follows:

Support for File Proxy

A new component, named File Proxy, is now available by default on each master domain manager. You can use the File Proxy to manage securely files to be transferred with the File Transfer integration available on Automation Hub. All transfer operations are performed by HCL Workload Automation, with no need of third-party products.

You can also optionally install your File Proxy as a stand-alone component on a workstation different from the master domain manager, for example to reduce network traffic and resource usage on the master domain manager. You can configure your stand-alone File Proxy in high availability by defining the URLs of alternate file proxies or a load balancer in the Broker.fileproxy.urls property in the file. For more information, see file.

Ensure the selected workstation runs a supported version of a Windows or Linux operating system and proceed with the installation and start of the service, as described in File Proxy installation - fileproxyinst script and File Proxy start - fileproxystart script.

Support for file transfers via the Workstation-to-Workstation internal protocol
You can now easily transfer files to and from agents connected to the same master domain manager. You no longer have to specify the address of the workstations involved in the file transfer, but you can simply define the workstations from the File Transfer integration. Ensure both the master domain manager and agents are at version 10.1. For more information about the integration, see File Transfer integration.
Search on remote file systems
You can now perform a search operation on the file system of a remote workstation. On Linux systems, if you do not specify a path, the search is performed on the working directory. On Windows systems, the path is required.
Integrations with Managed File Transfer (MFT) tools as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools
More integrations with other MFT tools as well as RPA tools to support orchestration of all data transfer using HCL Workload Automation.