Changed features and feature capabilities

A list of features changed since the previous release

The following features have changed or have been introduced or removed since the previous release:
Scheduling objects defined using REST APIs
Starting from product version 9.5, Fix Pack 2, a back-level version of the composer command line was provided to create definitions of a subset of scheduling objects which did not support REST APIs. The back-level version was named composer951. This back-level command line is now no longer available because all scheduling objects support REST APIs.
JAVA APIs deprecated
JAVA APIs are deprecated and have been replaced with REST APIs. For more information about REST APIs, see Driving HCL Workload Automation with REST API.
Rationalization of the JobManager.ini file
The contents of the JobManager.ini have been trimmed and revised to remove some properties which are reserved for internal use. These properties have been moved to a file named JobManagerInternal.ini, which is located in the binary directory and is overridden at each product upgrade. This file is not documented because it is not relevant for the final user. For more information about the JobManager.ini file, see Configuring the agent.
Ensure higher security and safety of your data with TLS V1.2
HCL Workload Automation no longer supports TLS V1.0 and TLS V1.1. Only TLS V1.2 is supported. This enhancement ensures a higher security level for SSL communication.
Audit file log moved to master domain manager and backup master domain manager
When you choose to keep track of changes to scheduling objects, you can store your audit trails in a file, in the HCL Workload Automation database or in both. While in previous versions, the file was stored on agents, with the current version, the file has been moved to the master domain manager and backup master domain manager. For more information, see Enabling and storing audit trails.
enPlanAudit global option is now immediately effective
While in previous versions the enPlanAudit global option required to run a JnextPlan command to make changes effective, starting from the current version, changes to enPlanAudit global option are immediately effective. For more information, see Global options - summary.
Audit file format changed
The format of the file where you can optionally store the auditing information for your environment has been changed from .csv to .json. For more information, see Enabling and storing audit trails.
Job Duration Predictor job deprecated
The Job Duration Predictor job is now deprecated and has been removed. Instead, a new HCL Workload Automation component is available: AI Data Advisor (AIDA), based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, for early anomaly detection and analysis. For further information about AIDA, see AI Data Advisor (AIDA) User's Guide .
New and improved command for password encryption
A new command is now available for encrypting and decrypting passwords you use with HCL Workload Automation with the xor, 3DES, and AES algorithms. For more information, see Encrypting passwords (optional).
Several integrations now available on Automation Hub
The following integrations are no longer available with HCL Workload Automation and can be installed from Automation Hub:
  • Amazon EC2
  • Apache Spark
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Hadoop Map Reduce
  • IBM BigInsights
  • IBM Cloudant
  • IBM Cognos
  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage
  • IBM SoftLayer
  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • J2EE (JMS)
  • Job Duration Predictor. This job has been replaced by AI Data Advisor (AIDA). For further information about AIDA, see AI Data Advisor (AIDA) User's Guide.
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MQTT
  • Oozie
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Salesforce
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI
  • SAP PI Channel
  • Web Services
Support for several products and integrations no longer available
The products and integrations listed below are no longer supported and the related documentation has been removed from the library:
  • Application Lab
  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Extended agent for Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM)
  • Option Editor
  • OSLC Automation
  • OSLC Provisioning
  • Provisioning BigInsights
  • Remote EJB, also known as EJB APIs. These APIs have been replaced by restful APIs.
  • SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD)
  • SOAP WebServices based on WSDL. These services have been replaced by restful APIs.
  • Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM)
  • Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP)
  • Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM)
  • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
  • Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP)
  • Tivoli NetView has been replaced with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
  • workload broker jobs

As a result, optman parameters related to OSLC have been removed.

Also, the following optman options are no longer supported and are forced to their default value:
Deprecated and forced to yes.
Deprecated and forced to no.
Deprecated and forced to no.
Deprecated and forced to yes.
For more information about optman options, see Setting global options.