Completing the Storage page

On the Storage page of the wizard, you specify the VOB's storage directory. The storage directory is a directory tree that serves as the repository for the VOB's content.

You can choose from one of the recommended locations or enter the path of a different location.

The location must be a shared resource location. The Browse button lets you search the network for shared resource locations.

Try it!

You are creating a VOB located on your system. Complete the Storage page as follows:

  1. Select the option Use Explicit Path and click Browse.
  2. Navigate to the shared cc-tut tutorial folder and double-click it. Notice HCL VersionVault completed the name of the VOB storage directory: your-username_versionvault_tutorial.vbs.
  3. Click OK.

    The VOB storage location should be similar to \\your-computer-name\cc-tut\your-username_versionvault_tutorial.vbs.

  4. Click Next.