Setting HCL VersionVault user options (Windows)

The HCL VersionVault user options window allows users to change default settings for common file operations, logon processes and basic view and VOB behaviors. If your project does not allow you to modify certain or all user options, these options will be inactive.

There are four pages in the HCL VersionVault user options window and each contains different options:
Contains options for common file operations such as Check in, Add to source control, Check out and Undo checkout. For HCL VersionVault MultiSite users, it also contains an Advanced Options window for setting behavior in replicated VOBs.
Contains options for HCL VersionVault pop-up menus and the HCL VersionVault Command Prompt default.
Contains text mode and restart options.
Contains an option for reconnecting at logon.

You can modify these defaults to fit your work needs or improve performance. Before you change the defaults, be sure you understand how these changes affect your work environment. Setting or clearing some options can produce differing results for different interfaces such as Windows Explorer and HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer.