Backing up VOBs with MultiSite

You can use HCL VersionVault MultiSite to perform VOB backups.

There are two ways to use MultiSite as a backup strategy:
  • Using a replica as a backup to avoid locking a VOB
  • Using multiple replicas to provide incremental backups

Using multiple replicas in a local area network may help with reliability, availability, performance, and backup strategy. However, recovery issues limit how easily and rapidly clients may be switched from one replica to another. The details of the recovery process are described in Restoring and replacing VOB replicas.

Using MultiSite for backups means that the backup replica needs to remain online so that it can be updated frequently from the original. Almost twice as much disk space is required (you do not need exactly twice as much space, because derived objects are not replicated and the cleartext pool for the backup replica is smaller or nonexistent). Also, you need a MultiSite license and an HCL VersionVault license for each developer who accesses the replicated VOB.