HCL VersionVault MultiSite adds a powerful capability to HCL VersionVault. With MultiSite, developers at different locations can use the same HCL VersionVault versioned object base (VOB). For HCL VersionVault, each location (site) has its own copy (replica) of the VOB. At any time, changes made in one replica can be sent in update packets to other replicas. You can manage replicas by using the command-line tools.

An organization can use MultiSite to distribute independent, but related, development efforts across multiple cities, nations, or continents. For example, a company in the United States has development and testing sites in India, Argentina, Japan, and Australia. Because it is not practical for all engineers to access the VOBs and databases in the United States, the company uses MultiSite to distribute the development.

This section gives an overview of the major features in MultiSite. The following sections provide information about configuring and using MultiSite.