Contacts enhancements

The Contacts application is now enabled by default for all users. The following features are new in Contacts.

  • Live e-mail: Contact email addresses are now clickable allowing you to directly send an email to your contact.
  • Live phone number: Contact phone numbers are now clickable allowing you to directly make a call to your contact.
  • Sorting contact list: You can now sort the contact list according to the Name, Email, and Company name of your contacts.
  • Add photo for personal contact: You can now add, update, and remove photos for your personal contacts. It supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG image formats.
  • Delegating your personal contacts: You can now see the option to delegate access to contacts along with mail and calendar. For more information, see How do I delegate access to my mail, calendar, and contacts?

Add Sender/Chair to Contacts

This feature allows you to add the sender or meeting chair to your personal contacts.

Add chair to contactsAdd sender to contacts