The ManagerSchema_DropAll.sql script removes all Unica Platform system tables from a database. This script removes all tables, users, groups, security credentials, and configuration settings from Unica Platform.

Note: If you run this script against a database containing an earlier version of the Unica Platform system tables, you might receive error messages in your database client stating that constraints do not exist. You can safely ignore these messages.

When to use ManagerSchema_DropAll.sql

You might want to use ManagerSchema_DropAll.sql if you have uninstalled an instance of Unica Platform where the system tables are in a database that contains other tables you want to continue using.

Additional requirements

To make the Unica Platform operational after running this script, you must perform the following steps.

  • Run the appropriate SQL script to re-create the system tables.
  • Run the populateDB utility. Running the populateDB utility restores the default configuration properties, users, roles, and groups, but does not restore any users, roles, and groups you have created or imported after initial installation.
  • Use the configTool utility with the config_navigation.xml file to import menu items.
  • If you have performed any post-installation configuration, such as creating data filters or integrating with an LDAP server or web access control platform, you must perform these configurations again.