SQL scripts for creating system tables

Use the scripts described in the following table to create Unica Platform system tables manually when your company policy does not allow you to use the installer to create them automatically.

The scripts are shown in the order in which you must run them.

Table 1. Scripts for creating system tables
Datasource Type Script Names


  • ManagerSchema_DB2.sql

    If you plan to support multi-byte characters (for example, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), use the ManagerSchema_DB2_unicode.sql script.

  • ManagerSchema__DB2_CeateFKConstraints.sql
  • active_portlets.sql
  • notification_rules.sql

Microsoft SQL Server

  • ManagerSchema_SqlServer.sql
  • ManagerSchema__SqlServer_CeateFKConstraints.sql
  • active_portlets.sql
  • notification_rules.sql
  • ManagerSchema_MariaDB.sql
  • ManagerSchema_MariaDB_StoredProcedures.sql
  • ManagerSchema_MariaDB_CreateFKConstraints.sql
  • active_portlets.sql
  • notification_rules.sql


  • ManagerSchema_Oracle.sql
  • ManagerSchema__Oracle_CeateFKConstraints.sql
  • active_portlets.sql
  • notification_rules_Oracle.sql


  • ManagerSchema_PostgreSql.sql
  • ManagerSchema_PostgreSql_CreateFKConstraints.sql
  • ManagerSchema_pgsql_upg.sql
  • ManagerSchema_PostgreSQL_StoredProcedures.sql
  • ContentIntegration_pgsql.sql
  • active_portlets_PostgreSQL.sql

If you plan to use the scheduler feature that enables you to configure a flowchart to run at predefined intervals, you must also create the tables that support this feature. To create the scheduler tables, run the appropriate script, as described in the following table.

Table 2. Scripts for enabling the Unica Scheduler
Data Source Type Script Name
DB2® quartz_db2.sql
Microsoft SQL Server quartz_sqlServer.sql
Oracle quartz_oracle.sql
MariaDB quartz_MariaDB.sql
PostgreSQL quartz_PostgreSql.sql

When to use the create system tables scripts

You must use these scripts when you install or upgrade Unica Platform if you have not allowed the installer to create the system tables automatically, or if you have used ManagerSchema_DropAll.sql to delete all Unica Platform system tables from your database.