Upgrading reporting schemas on Unica Platform

You must run the Unica master installer with the reports packs installers to upgrade the reporting schemas and reports integration configuration properties.

About this task

Run the Unica master installer with the appropriate report package installer on the computer where Unica Platform is installed, and select the Unica Product Reporting Schemas installation option.

After you upgrade reporting schemas, you can verify the upgrade by completing the following steps:


  1. Log in to the Unica system as the platform_admin user.
  2. Select Settings > Configuration.
  3. Expand Reports > Schemas > ProductName.

    If the schema configuration categories for your application were not upgraded, you have not yet upgraded reports on Unica Platform.

    Note: If you are upgrading Unica Plan, skip this step (Unica Plan does not have reporting schemas).
  4. Expand Reports > Integrations.

    If the schema configuration categories were upgraded, and if your current reports installation is pre 8.6.0, you see a new category for Cognos® 10 configuration. Your Cognos 8 category is disabled, but it is retained for reference purposes, to assist you in setting the configuration properties for Cognos® 10. After you have fully configured and tested your reporting upgrade, you must use the Delete Category link to remove the Cognos® 8 configuration category.