Upgrading Unica integration components

To upgrade the Unica integration components, you must run the installers on the computer where Cognos® Content Manager is installed.

About this task

To upgrade Unica integration components, complete the following steps.


  1. On the IBM Cognos® BI system that runs the Cognos® Content Manager, download or copy the following Unica installers to a single directory:
    • Unica master installer
    • Unica Platform installer
    • Unica application reports package installers
  2. Run the Unica master installer.
    It launches the sub-installers for Unica Platform and the report packages in order.
  3. In the first Products window, ensure that both Unica Platform and the reports package options are selected.
  4. In the Platform Database Connection window, provide the necessary information for connecting to the Unica Platform system tables.
  5. In the Platform Installation Components window, select the Reports for IBM Cognos option and clear the other options.
  6. When the Unica Platform installer prompts for the path to the JDBC driver, enter the fully qualified path for the JDBC driver that you copied to the Cognos® system during the initial install of reporting.
  7. When the Unica Platform installer prompts for the location of the IBM Cognos® installation, enter or browse to the top level of the IBM Cognos® installation directory.

    The default value that is provided in this field is a static value that is not based on the file structure of your IBM Cognos® system.

  8. When the report package installer displays its installation options, select the IBM Cognos package for Unica [product] option and clear the option for the reporting schemas.
    This installation option copies the reports archive to the Cognos® computer. You import this archive manually later.
  9. When the installers are finished, copy the JDBC driver for the Unica Platform database to the IBM Cognos® webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\AAA\lib directory.

    Make sure that you copy the driver. Do not cut and paste the driver.