Configuring the user visibility option for roles

To restrict the list of users that display in the Select Team Members or Select Member Access Levels dialog for users with a given security policy role, you configure the user visibility feature for that role.

About this task

When users create programs, plans, projects, and so on, they specify which users or teams are participants and, for projects, which users or teams are assigned the project roles. By default, there are no restrictions on which users or teams can be added as participants or assigned a project role.


  1. Select Settings > Plan Settings > Security Policy Settings.
  2. On the Security Policy Settings page, scroll to the appropriate security policy and click the name of the role. The Role: <role name> page displays for user visibility selection.
  3. From the list of user groups and teams on the left, select the groups or teams that you want users with this role to see in the list and then click >> to move them to the list on the right.
    When users who have the selected role add participants or assign project roles, they select from the set of users who are in a group in the list on the right.
    Note: When the selection box on the right is empty (the default case), there are no restrictions and users who have this role see all groups and teams when they add participants or assign project roles.
  4. Click Save changes. The Security Policy Settings page displays.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each role that you want to configure.