Assigning security policy roles

When you finish adding roles to security policies, you can assign the roles to the appropriate users.

About this task

If a user is not explicitly assigned a security policy role, the system uses the Global security policy to determine the permissions for that user.

You assign security policy roles directly to individual users on the User Permissions page.


  1. Select Settings > Plan Settings.
    The Administrative Settings page displays.
  2. Click User Permissions.
    The User Permissions page displays.
  3. Expand the user group that the user belongs to and click to select the user.
    The Properties for <user name> page displays.
  4. Click in the Available Roles list box to expand the security policy with the security role you want to assign this user.
  5. Select the role, then click >> to move it to the Selected Roles list.

    It is a best practice to assign one role from one security policy to each user.

  6. Click Save changes.

    The role displays under the Assigned Roles column on the User Permissions page.

  7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 as needed for other users.