Controlling access to templates

You can control which users can create and view templates.

As described in the sections about security policies, you use permissions in security policies to control the following kinds of access:

  • Security policy roles control which users can create new projects, plans, programs, and so on.
  • Security policy roles control which users are allowed to view and interact with items that other users create, even if they cannot create those items themselves.
  • Project and object roles control which tabs users have access to when they create projects.

You also use security policy roles to specify which project or request templates a user can select when you create an item.

When a template developer creates a template, the Summary tab includes one or more security policy fields. The value that is specified in the security policy field determines which users can access the template; if you do not have a role that grants you the ability to create objects of that type in the security policy that is assigned to the template, the template does not appear in your template list when you create an object of that type.