Adding a program

If you have permission, you can add a program.

About this task

When you add a program, consider the following issues:

  • To add a program, you must have permission to add a program.
  • If you add a program, you are the owner of the program.
  • You can add other team members, some of whom can also be program owners.


  1. Click Operations > Programs.
  2. Click the Add Program icon (Page with plus sign image).
  3. Select the appropriate template for your program.

    Your administrator sets up templates that correspond to the types of programs that fit the needs of your organization. For more information about templates, see the Unica Plan Administrator's Guide.

  4. Click Continue.

    On the Summary page of the program wizard, you can click Add/Remove Members to add team members to the program. You can add members as either owners or participants in the program. For details, see Team alerts.

  5. Complete the fields and continue clicking Next and completing the required fields until you reach the Attachments page. The required fields have a double asterisk (**) next to them.

    The number and content of your program pages differ depending on the template you use. A typical program contains program summary information, perhaps some additional information pages, and attachments of documents that are related to the program.