Linking existing projects to programs

Link projects and programs to create an organizational hierarchy of work. Before you can link an existing project to a program, there must be existing projects in your system and you must have the appropriate permission.

Before you begin

Note: Linked projects and programs must have the same security policy. After you link a project to a program, you cannot change the security policy of either object without first removing the project from the program.

To add projects to the program, you must have Edit Summary Tab permission for each project you want to add. If you do not have this permission for one or more projects, ask your administrator for help.

About this task

After you create a program, you can link existing projects to the program. When you link a project to a program, all team members who are listed in both the project and program receive an email that informs them of the link.


  1. Go to the Summary tab of the program that you want to link to an existing project.
  2. Click Manage Linked Objects (chain links image) and select Link Existing.

    A dialog box appears for you to specify the projects to link.

  3. Type your search criteria in the Find by name or code field.
  4. Click Find.
    Note: The Search Results field displays only projects that you can link to the program. Only projects with the same budget granularity and security policy as the program are available. Programs with a status of Canceled, Deleted, or Completed never appear in Search Results.
  5. In the Search Results field, select the projects to link.
  6. Click the double arrows to move projects into or out of the Selected Items to Link list box.
  7. Click Save Changes to create child links to the projects you selected.
    Note: Programs can sort their linked plans or projects.


The projects that you added appear in the list of projects at the bottom of the Summary tab of the program.