The global states file

The global states file lists all possible states for marketing objects in your installation. The globalstates.xml file is in the Plan_Home\conf\locale folder.

You define states in this file with the following XML tags:

Table 1. XML tags for global states
Tag Description
id A unique identifier for the state. The id value cannot contain spaces.
displayName The label to display for objects when they are in this state. For example, "In Progress".
icon The visual indicator that displays next to the displayName to represent this state. Referenced image files must be placed in the webapp/images directory of the WAR file. Images that are 20x20 pixels in size and in GIF format provide the best results. The system automatically resizes images of other sizes to 20x20 pixels.
frozen A flag that indicates whether the object can be edited in this state:
  • false: users can edit the object when it is in this state.
  • true: users cannot edit the object when it is in this state.

An example entry for the IN_PROGRESS state follows:

<state id="IN_PROGRESS">
  <displayName>In Progress</displayName>
Important: To update the global states file used by your Unica Plan instance, you must restart your web server.