Adding a form to existing objects

When you add a new form to an existing object template, the new form does not display in objects previously created from the template. You can manually edit the database table for the form to make the new form display in all objects of a specified type (for example, all projects).

To have the new form appear in existing objects, you must insert all the object IDs for that object type into the database table for the new form using the following SQL statement:

INSERT INTO table_name (object_id) SELECT object_id 
  FROM object_system_table


  • table_name is the name of the table for the form
  • object_id is the object identifier column for the object type
  • object_system_table is the name of the system table for the object

This table specifies the ID column and system table name for each object type:

Object ID column System table
project project_id uap_projects
program program_id uap_programs
plan plan_id uap_plans
invoice invoice_id uap_invoices
marketing objects mktg_object_id uap_mktgobject

For example, if you added a form with a table named dyn_x to a project template, run the following SQL statement to add the form to all existing projects:

INSERT INTO dyn_x (project_id) SELECT project_id FROM uap_projects