Creating grids

Grids are spreadsheet-like tools for collecting data. A grid component can display in the user interface as either a table or a list.

Grids are either editable or read-only. An editable grid is for users to enter information, while a read-only grid displays information entered previously.

When you add a grid to a form, you set it up in two parts:

  • The grid component defines the type of grid you want to add, and the database table in which to store entered data, or from which to read data to display.
  • The grid attributes define each of the columns in the grid.

You determine whether a grid is editable or read-only when you create the grid component. If you want the same information to be editable in one form and read-only in another, you need to create two grid components and then set them up to include the same grid attributes.

You can group attributes within a grid by using an Attribute Group Header on the grid. A grid can contain a mix of grouped and ungrouped attributes.