Target cell spreadsheets

A Target Cell Spreadsheet (TCS®) is an editable grid component that has a set of predefined attributes. You use Target Cell Spreadsheets when Unica Plan-Unica Campaign integration is enabled.

The TCS® specifies the data that users must enter in a campaign project to define the target and control cells for the campaign. Each column on the TCS® corresponds to an attribute. Values for the predefined, or default, attributes are automatically passed to Unica Campaign. In addition to these default attributes, you can add an unlimited number of custom attributes to a TCS®.

Cell attributes and grid attributes

A TCS® can contain attributes that get passed to Unica Campaign (cell attributes) and attributes that display only in Unica Plan (grid attributes).

Use cell attributes for information you want to pass to Unica Campaign. For example, attribute values you want to include in an output list, contact history, or report must be created as cell attributes.

Use grid attributes for descriptions, calculations, and data that is not needed in Unica Campaign.

Target Cell Spreadsheets and forms

You add a TCS® to a form by creating a new editable grid and identifying it as a TCS®. (The form can contain other attributes in addition to the TCS®.) When you place a TCS® grid component on a form, it contains the default cell attributes. You cannot delete the default attributes.

Transfer of cell attribute data

When a user links a flowchart cell to the TCS® row, the data values supplied for the default attributes are passed to Unica Campaign automatically. Custom cell attributes are available automatically in Unica Campaign as Unica Campaign Generated fields in contact processes. For details on Generated fields, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.

Target Cell Spreadsheets and templates

Each campaign project template can contain only one TCS®.