Creating an account

Unica Plan administrators can add accounts. You can add either a top-level account or a subaccount.

About this task

You add subaccounts to an existing account at any level to create an organizational hierarchy. For example, you have a top-level account that funds marketing efforts in the Northeast United States. You can add a subaccount for efforts specifically in New York, and then add subaccounts to the New York account for New York City and for other areas in New York.


  1. Select Settings > Plan Settings.
  2. In the Root-Level Object Definitions section, click Account Definitions.
    The Account Definitions page displays.
  3. To add a top-level account, click Add a Top-Level Account.

    To add a subaccount to any account, click Add for that account.

    The Account Properties page displays.
  4. Complete the fields in the Basic Info section.
  5. Optionally, use the Budget (Next 3 Years) section to enter budgeted amounts for each month in the next three years.
    Note: Financial information that is entered for a subaccount does not roll up to its parent accounts.
  6. Click Save changes to save the account.


The account displays in the disabled state on the Account Definitions page. See Enabling or disabling an account. A subaccount displays in a hierarchy below the top-level account to which it, or its parent, belongs.

To edit an account, click its name on the Account Definitions page.