Enabled and disabled accounts

Accounts can exist in one of two states: enabled or disabled.

For example, you can set up an account for future use and leave it in the disabled state until you are ready to start using it.

When an account administrator creates an account, it is created in the disabled state. It must be enabled before it appears in the user interface for account owners to review and select. Administrators can change the state of any account at any time.

  • Enabled accounts can be selected for project and program budget line items. On the project or program Budget tab, the Source Account column for line items stores this information.
  • Enabled accounts can also be selected for invoice line items. On the invoice Summary tab, the Source Account column for line items stores this information.
  • The names of disabled accounts display in gray, italic font on the Settings > Plan Settings > Account Definitions page. Administrators can edit the information and budget for disabled accounts from this page.
  • Disabled accounts cannot be selected for invoice line items or for project or program budget line items.
  • An account that has budget or invoice line items that are linked to it remains active for those line items even if the account is disabled. the disabled account cannot be selected for new line items, however.
  • Account administrators can add a subaccount to a top-level account that is disabled. When you are ready to use the subaccount, however (at the beginning of a new fiscal year or period, for example), you must enable the top-level account.

See Enabling or disabling an account.