Account administrators

The account administrators in your organization can be members of the finance or accounting department, responsible for setting up the accounting framework to track marketing budgets and expenditures. Or, account administrators can be members of the marketing department who are responsible for reporting marketing spend details in that framework to the finance/accounting department.

The responsibilities of an Unica Plan account administrator include the following.

  • Defining accounts and subaccounts.
  • Funding the accounts; that is, updating each account with the budgeted amount for each time period.
  • Assigning account owners, who monitor and manage accounts on an ongoing basis.

An account administrator can also define the options that are included in the lists of vendors and cost categories in Unica Plan. A vendor is required when you create an invoice, and a cost category can be selected for each budget or invoice line item. For more information, see List definitions.

Note: An account administrator must be set up as a user with the Plan Administrator security policy role in Unica Plan to complete these tasks.