Programs are the child-objects of Plans. Programs can contain multiple projects to organize work for your organization.

If you have permission, you can add a program. To add a program, you select a template that was set up by an Unica Plan administrator and enter custom information.

After you create a program, you can start the program at any time. Starting the program makes it active and changes the status of the program to In Progress.

Program views

Unica Plan organizes programs in views.

  • The All Programs view lists all programs. It also contains links to the Active Programs and My Programs views.
  • The Active Programs view lists all the programs that are now in the In Progress state. The Active Programs view is the default view.
  • The My Programs view lists all the programs that you own or are part of as a team member.

You can also access the different views of programs on the Actions menu. It contains links to each of the program views. In any view, you can change the sort order by clicking the column that you want to sort by. Click the column a second time to reverse the sort order.

Additionally, you can search for a program.

Summary information for programs

On the program Summary tab, Unica Plan lists summary information about a program, such as status and security policy. By default, the Summary tab for the program displays when you select a program from the Program List page. Any projects that are linked to the program are listed on the Summary tab as well.

From the Summary tab, you can change program status, add a request, edit the program, link an existing project, or remove a linked project.

Supporting projects and requests

At the bottom of the Summary tab, the Supporting Projects and Requests section displays information about all child projects for the program. This list shows the project name, the project owners, the project ID, when the last person updated the project, the target start and end dates, and the project status.