Reading a message on the message board

You can read messages that were previously posted to the message board, if you have permission to view that object. Messages can be posted for plans, programs, projects, assets, accounts, approvals, or invoices.

About this task

To read a message on the message board, complete the following steps.


  1. Open the list page for the object type of the object for which you want to read a message.
    For example, click Operations > Accounts.
    You can post or read messages for plans, programs, projects, assets, accounts, approvals, or invoices.
  2. Click the plan, program, project, asset, account, approval, or invoice whose messages you want to read.
  3. Click the Communicate icon (Dialog balloon with zero image) and select Read Messages.
    The Messages window displays all the messages on the message board for that object. From version 12.1.3, if the administrator has configured Slack as the collaboration tool, with Unica Plan, you can click Slack channel to directly access the channel on the Slack application and read the conversation on Slack. By clicking Slack channel on Plan, you can avoid browsing through various channels on Slack to locate the appropriate channel. For more information on configuring Slack on Unica Plan, see Configuring a Collaboration Tool.
    Note: For the Slack channel feature to work, you must be logged in to Slack.
  4. Click Close to exit the message board or click Post a Comment to respond to a posted message.