A grid is a spreadsheet-like presentation of data. Grids allow Unica Plan users to store all campaign- and project-related data within the project.

With grids, users no longer need to search through email, a file folder, or another computer to find information about a campaign or project. Unica Plan serves as the system of record and offers enterprise-wide access to data stored in grids. Any Unica Plan user who has access to the project can view and edit the grid, if that user has appropriate security permissions.

Users can move the traditional spreadsheet information into a grid within Unica Plan. Then, marketing managers can analyze, measure, and report on the project- and campaign-related information within and across multiple projects or campaigns.

Depending on how your templates are defined, grids can appear on marketing object, plan, program, and project tabs. Campaign projects include a TCS® tab that displays a special grid that is called the Target Cell Spreadsheet (TCS®). You can create campaign projects only if Unica Plan-Unica Campaign integration is enabled.

A template creator configures grids, specifying the data source, whether data is grouped, whether a user can sort the data, and other grid characteristics. Then, administrators and users can use them when they create marketing object tabs and project tabs.

A grid can also be read-only, displaying data that you cannot edit.