Deactivating projects and requests

You can deactivate projects and requests to remove them from the Unica Plan user interface directly from the list pages.

About this task

You can deactivate up to 1000 projects and requests with this method. If you need to deactivate more than 1000 items and have the appropriate permissions, use the bulk deactivation feature.


  1. Go to the projects or requests you want to deactivate.
    You can open the project or request Summary tab. You can also select multiple projects and requests from a list view such as All Projects and Requests.
    Note: Projects must be in the state of Complete, Canceled, or On Hold state. Project requests must have the status of Accepted or Canceled status. Select a list view that shows projects and requests in these statuses.
  2. Click Pause icon.
  3. Optional: Type comments to explain why you are deactivating the project or request.
  4. Click Deactivate.


After you deactivate projects and requests, you see them in the user interface only if you use predefined searches for deactivated projects and requests. To see the deactivated projects, use the Deactivated Projects, Deactivated Requests, and Deactivated Projects and Requests searches. You can refine these predefined searches for more specific results.