Customizing an alert notification message

You can customize an alert notification message by adding or modifying a template and clicking its Customize Alerts tab.


  1. Determine whether to customize an alert system-wide, or for a particular template only.
    • To customize an alert system-wide, click Settings > Plan Settings > Customize Alerts.
    • To customize an alert for a particular template, add or edit the template then click its Customize Alerts tab.
    The Customize Alerts page or tab displays.
  2. Select a Locale.
    Note: If your system supports multiple locales, repeat this procedure to supply locale-specific custom text for each alert you customize.
  3. Select a Planning Object.

    If you are configuring a template, this field may be disabled. For example, if you are working with a project template, Project is selected in this field and you cannot select anything else.

  4. Select an Alert Event.
  5. Click Get Alert Details.
    The values currently defined for the message subject and body display. For alerts that are the result of a staffing change or that otherwise involve a specific user, additional fields that you can use to store optional, personal text for the affected user display.
  6. Enter or edit the text of the Subject and Message Body for the alert.
  7. Optionally, specify attributes and links to tabs for the subject, body, header, or footer.

    Note the following.

    • To include variables and links to tabs, use the list on the right side of the page for the section you are editing. See Customizing notification messages for alerts.
    • If you are using detailed task alerts, you can only customize the alert header and footer for workflow task alerts.
    • If you are customizing alerts system-wide, you cannot add links to tabs in the header and footer.
  8. In the Customize Alerts section, click Save changes.
  9. Optionally, click Get Header and Footer.
    The values currently defined for the message header and footer display.
  10. Enter text and include variables and links to tabs for the Header and Footer of the alert.
  11. In the Customize Header Footer section, click Save changes.