Unica Journey is a goal-based orchestration solution to craft, execute, and visualize context-driven, personalized, multi-step omnichannel customer experiences.

Marketers can use Unica Journey to:

  • define goals for customer experience
  • easily adjust Journeys in real time to achieve them
  • craft and visualize entire customer Journey across channels/touchpoints and events with a sleek and intuitive Journey Canvas

Customer journeys are completely automated and synchronized with every step of your customer’s brand engagement. Use the real-time Insights within Journey to understand customer behavior with insights that reflect things as they happen in their Journey.

Integration with Unica Link allows Journey to integrate with third-party vendors. Unica Journey also has a flexible data definition and entry sources to augment customer journey with contextual data, and events from multiple touchpoints and in variety of formats (File, API, etc.)

Designing and executing a Journey involves the following procedure:

  1. Create Journey - Create a Journey by selecting required Entry Sources and specifying the Data Definition to be used in Journey.
  2. Design Journey - User Journey controls and touch points to design the Journey.
  3. Define Journey Goals - Define Journey goals, which helps in evaluating marketing goals and completing the Journey.
  4. Define Journey Settings - Define Journey settings for handling duplicate data entering the Journey.
  5. Publish Journey - Publish Journey starts the execution of Journey. By default, Journey execution never stops. The execution is always ON. You can define Journey goals to complete the Journey automatically, or manually mark the Journey as complete.
  6. Pause a Journey - You can pause a published Journey and edit it.
  7. Edit a Journey - You can edit the paused Journey and re-publish it.
  8. Mark Journey as Complete - You can mark the Journey complete to stop the Journey execution.