Journey Template

Templates page lists all the saved Journey templates. Details like Template Name, Template ID, create date, Data Definition associated and preview is available on this page. Click on the Preview hyperlink to see the preview of the Journey template.

Hover the cursor over the required Journey and select > to delete a template.

Hover the cursor over the required Journey and select > to create a Journey using the template. The Create Journey from this template? dialog appears. Provide a name to the Journey and click on Create. User is redirected to the Journey canvas page.

Note: Journey template cannot be edited. For any changes in the template, user need to create a new Journey make the updates and save as template. No user roles and permissions are attached to Create template. Templates cannot be copied from one environment to another, user can use Journey import / export functionality for the same. Journey goals and Journey milestones will not be associated with template / stored in template.
Note: Journey templates can be stored in a folder structure similar to data definition and entry sources. Journey templates can also be searched through global search bar as we have currently for entry sources, data definition and Journeys. There can be templates with same name but different template IDs. The template will get saved with data definition details. Entry sources associated with the Journey would not be saved with the template. Journey settings will be saved in the template.